We currently are looking for people to help with:

2Women'sShelter Beds[1]

Overnight Volunteer (2 people each night)


Stay overnight with the guests, help with set-up and clean-up as needed.


7:00 PM in the evening to 7:00 AM the next morning

What to bring

Sleeping bag and pillow and any toiletries you need. We also recommend an extra sheet for between the mat and your sleeping bag/blankets. During the winter the building is sometimes colder so you may want to bring an extra blanket or extra layers.


7:00 PM: Arrive and help set up
7:50 PM: All volunteers gather to pray
8:00 PM: Women arrive. You will be hosting the women; welcoming them, showing them what they need to know about our space. The logbook will contain the names of the guests and you should check to see if they all arrived and/or if you got any extra. Just make note of this in the logbook.
10:00 PM: Lights out. Close and lock doors into kitchen, door going upstairs. Secure external door. Go to bed.
6:00 AM: Turn on lights and coffee. Put out breakfast. Unlock the side door.
6:00-7:00 AM: Give out bus tickets. Write notes in Noel Logbook and Union Manual as needed.
7:00 AM: Guests and overnight volunteers depart.

Wicker laundry basket with folded white washing on black table against wall

Linens (1-2 people each night)


Drive to the Referral Center and pick up the linens (sheets and blankets) to be used for the evening, as well as the backpack with the list of women who will be coming to the shelter. It is easiest to have two people do this so if you are alone, one of the evening set-up and dinner volunteers can accompany you.


7:00-8:00 PM


You will need a car for this volunteer position.


7:00 PM: Arrive at 415 Westlake. Doors at Union will be unlocked. Help the overnight volunteers set up the space per diagram in manual. If you have done linens before and know what to do, you can go straight to the Referral Center if you want. Otherwise, there are instructions in the manual or found at the shelter/415 Westlake.

7:20-7:30 PM: 
Leave to get the backpack and list from the Referral Center and the linens from Noel House. Bring them back to Union. Set the linens by the mats.


Food Prep (1-2 people each night)


Prepare dinner for 8-12 guests. You can prepare the food at home or at Union/415 Westlake. If prepared at home, deliver by 7:00 pm on the evening of the shelter or earlier. You can also volunteer to stay and serve the food if you choose.


Deliver food by 7:00 pm the evening of the shelter.


Evening Set-up and Dinner Server
(1-2 people each night)


Help with setting up the facility for the evening by putting out the mats, tables, chairs and partitions. Next, help prepare and set-up the food for the evening. When the guests arrive, help serve the food.


Approximately 7:00 – 9:00 PM

What to bring

If you wish to provide dinner please let the volunteer coordinator know, otherwise you can expect for food to be provided and you do not need to bring anything.


7:00 PM: Arrive. Doors at Union will be unlocked. Help the overnight volunteers set up the space per diagram in manual.

Set out the snack/dinner.  It should be in the kitchen (or refrigerator as needed).  Reheat if necessary.

Following the instructions in the appendix, make coffee.

Set out plates, bowls, cups, cream, sugar, etc which can be found in plastic supply bins along with the other plastic supply bins.

Remove all the sharp knives from the magnet strips in the kitchen and place in the empty plastic bin found in storage near the rolling plastic bins.  Place these knives on the shelf upstairs.

7:50 PM: all volunteers gather to pray

8:00 PM: (approximately) Women arrive. Help serve food and just hang out. You can stay until 10:00pm when lights go out or leave earlier if you would like. If you can help clean up the food as well, that is much appreciated.

Women's shelter dinner ready[1]

Morning Clean-up and Breakfast Server
(1-2 people each night)


Help serve breakfast to the guests and then help with clean-up which involves putting away mats, tables, and chairs, cleaning up the food and dishes, and lastly, deliver the used linens back to Noel House.


6:30 – 9:30 AM. The lights get turned on at 6:00 AM and at that point the guests usually start getting up and breakfast is served. We ask that the women leave by 7:00 AM and at that time clean-up begins.


6:30 AM: Arrive. Help with breakfast if you would like and/or start with clean-up. Usually Theo is also present to help with clean-up and can help direct you.

7:00 AM: The women should have left at this point so all clean-up can occur now.

Interested in helping? Contact us.

Before volunteering, please view our shelter manual here.